On-site and mobile calibration services

For businesses needing to keep equipment downtime to an absolute minimum, D+M offers a full on-site calibration service. Because we know the quicker your test equipment is calibrated, the more business you are able to complete; and there is no quicker solution than same-day mobile calibration at your location.

On-site calibration from D+M meets the same high standards for quality as you would expect from off-site calibration - with our mobile labs accredited to ISO 17025 standard, and UKAS calibration available.

Contact our team of experienced engineers to book in on-site calibration of your equipment.

On-site mechanical calibration

Regular calibration of mechanical test equipment is crucial for keeping up the highest standards of quality and reducing the chances of long periods of downtime in future. Our mechanical calibration capabilities include all major parameters such as length, angles, mass, force, flatness and straightness.

D+M’s on-site mechanical calibration service caters for all major measurement tooling gauges and a wide range of equipment including micrometres, torque devices and weighing scales.

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