TWT Amplifiers (TWTA) – Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

TWT Amplifiers IFI’s TWTA (traveling wave tube amplifiers) CW (continuous waveform), TWT Gridded Pulse/CW and TWT Pulse amplifier product lines fill the requirements for all your high frequency, high-power microwave testing applications. IFI designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of TWT (traveling wave tube) amplifiers for both the commercial and military markets. These traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA) are available with a full host of options.


  • CW TWT Amplifiers
  • Gridded Pulse/CW TWT Amplifiers
  • Pulse TWT Amplifiers

RF Microwave TWT Instrumentation Amplifier Applications Include:

IFI’s TWT (traveling wave tube) amplifiers and amplifier systems are designed for a host of EMC, EMI and RF testing and instrumentation applications. Wheather you require Low Power, Medium Power, High power, Wideband, Ultra-Widebanb or Broadband amplifiers IFI has the right amplifier to forfill all your testing and instrumentation requirements.

TWT Amplifiers (TWTA) – Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

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