Signal Generators

The SG 1000 series of synthesized signal generators cover a wide range of carrier frequencies from 9 kHz to 1000 MHz with excellent spectral purity and comprehensive modulation facilities.

Two different models of the SG 1000 series are available, an economical version with a switching time of 1 ms (BN 86204.000) between any frequencies and a high performance version with 1 µs / 15 µs (BN 86204.001) high-speed switching. Frequency changes less than 1 MHz are phase-continuous.

The operation of SG 1000 is very simple by a softkey menu selection of modes. All instrument settings and signal parameters can be entered by numeric keyboard, rotary control knob and increment-decrement keys. The step size may be varied by the user in a wide range. A backlight LCD display presents all measurement setup menus.

SG 1000

Product Range
4 Video Inputs, 8 Video Outputs4 Video Inputs, 16 Video Outputs
8 Video Inputs, 16 Video Outputs8 Video Inputs, 32 Video Outputs
16 Video Inputs, 32 Video Outputs4 Video/Audio Inputs,
8 Video/Audio Outputs
4 Video/Audio Inputs,8 Video/Audio Inputs,
16 Video/Audio Outputs16 Video/Audio Outputs

SG 1000 – 15 µS switching time

Amplifier SeriesFrequency Range (GHz)Rated Power (Watts)Brochure
T2118-10018.0 - 21.7100Download
T2118-20018.0 - 21.7200Download
T2118-25018.0 - 21.7250Download
T2118-40018.0 - 21.7400Download
T2118-70018.0 - 21.7700Download
T2618-1018.0 - 26.510Download
T2618-2518.0 - 26.525Download
T2618-4018.0 - 26.540Download
T2618-5018.0 - 26.550Download
T2618-12518.0 - 26.5125Download
T2618-20018.0 - 26.5200Download
T4026-1026.5 - 40.010Download
T4026-2526.5 - 40.025Download
T4026-4026.5 - 40.040Download
T4026-5026.5 - 40.050Download
T4026-8026.5 - 40.080Download
T4026-10026.5 - 40.0100Download
T4026-12526.5 - 40.0125Download
T4026-20026.5 - 40.0200Download
T3027-12027.5 - 30.0120Download
T3027-15027.5 - 30.0150Download
T3027-25027.5 - 30.0250Download
T3127-15027.5 - 31.0250Download
T3127-40027.5 - 31.0400Download
T3130-12030.0 - 31.0120Download
T3832-4032.0 - 38.040Download
T3832-6032.0 - 38.060Download
T3832-8032.0 - 38.080Download
T4540-7040.0 - 45.060Download
Signal Generators