RF Solid State & RF Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

IFI RF microwave solid-state amplifiers and RF solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) utilises advanced solid-state component technology in both the design and manufacturing.

This technology includes GaN (Gallium Nitride) amplifier technology which is available in our Solid-State Amplifier Modules as well as in our testing amplifiers and Solid State Amplifier Systems.


Compact RF Microwave Solid-State Amplifiers:

Compact versatile solid-state amplifier products include: Solid-State HPA (High Power Amplifiers)SSPA (Solid-State Power Amplifiers), Solid State Microwave Power Amplifiers, Solid State Wideband Amplifiers, Solid State Broadband and Solid-State Narrowband amplifiers as well as in our solid-state amplifier modules.

Available in indoor and outdoor enclosures, these amps are used worldwide in both commercial and military markets. Perfect for EMI (electromagnetic interference), EMC (electromagnetic compliance), laboratory testing and field testing applications.

Amplifier SeriesFrequency Range (GHz)Rated Power (Watts)Brochure
GT42-1002.0 - 4.0100Download
GT62-1002.0 - 6.0100Download
GT82-1002.0 - 8.0100Download
GT84-1004.0 - 8.0100Download
GT106-1006.0 - 10.0100Download
GT186-1006.5 - 18.0100Download
GT188-1007.5 - 18.0100Download
GT128-1008.0 - 12.0100Download
GT1812-10012.0 - 18.0100Download
GT21-2001.0 - 2.0200Download
GT251-2001.0 - 2.5200Download
GT281-2001.0 - 2.8200Download
GT42-2002.0 - 4.0200Download
GT82-2002.0 - 8.0200Download
GT84-2004.0 - 8.0200Download
GT186-2006.5 - 18.0200Download
GT188-2007.5 - 18.0200Download
GT128-2008.0 - 12.0200Download
GT1812-20012.0 - 18.0200Download
GT21-2501.0 - 2.0250Download
GT251-2501.0 - 2.5250Download
GT281-2501.0 - 2.8250Download
GT31-2501.0 - 3.0250Download
GT42-2502.0 - 4.0250Download
GT62-2502.0 - 6.0250Download
GT7525-2502.5 - 7.5250Download
GT84-2504.0 - 8.0250Download
GT186-2506.5 - 18.0250Download
GT188-2507.5 - 18.0250Download
GT128-2508.0 - 12.0250Download
GT1812-25012.0 - 18.0250Download
GT21-4001.0 - 2.0400Download
GT251-4001.0 - 2.5400Download
GT281-4001.0 - 2.8400Download
GT42-4002.0 - 4.0400Download
GT62-4002.0 - 6.0400Download
GT7525-4002.5 - 7.5400Download
GT84-4004.0 - 8.0400Download
GT186-4006.5 - 18.0400Download
GT188-4007.5 - 18.0400Download
GT128-4008.0 - 12.0400Download
GT1812-40012.0 - 18.0400Download
GT21-5001.0 - 2.0500Download
GT251-5001.0 - 2.5500Download
GT42-5002.0 - 4.0500Download
GT425-5002.5 - 4.0500Download
GT62-5002.0 - 6.0500Download
GT7525-5002.5 - 7.5500Download
GT82-5002.0 - 2.5125Download
GT825-5002.5 - 7.5500Download
GT84-5004.0 - 7.5500Download
GT186-5006.0 - 18.0500Download
GT188-5007.5 - 18.0500Download
GT128-5008.0 - 12.0500Download
GT1812-50012.0 - 18.0500Download
GT21-10001.0 - 2.01000Download
GT251-10001.0 - 2.51000Download
GT42-10002.0 - 4.01000Download
GT7525-10002.5 - 7.51000Download
GT84-10004.0 - 7.51000Download
GT186-10006.5 - 18.01000Download
GT188-10007.5 - 18.01000Download
GT128-10008.0 - 12.01000Download
GT1812-100012.0 - 18.01000Download
GT21-20001.0 - 2.02000Download
GT251-20001.0 - 2.52000Download
GT42-20002.0 - 4.02000Download
GT7525-20002.5 - 7.52000Download
GT84-20004.0 - 7.52000Download
GT186-20006.5 - 18.02000Download
GT188-20007.5 - 18.02000Download
GT128-20008.0 - 12.02000Download
GT1812-200012.0 - 18.02000Download
RF Solid State & RF Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

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