Millimeter RF Amplifier

IFI’s dependable line of Millimeter RF amplifiers offers more power and bandwidth combinations than any of the competition today. These millimeter TWT amps. give you the right frequency increments and power output levels that you need for today’s stringent EMI test applications. Our millimeter TWT’s (traveling wave tube amplifiers) are available for both commercial and military applications.

Part NumberDescriptionBrochure
2854-1TRANSIENT LIGHTNING GENERATOR 5 _S ±22 %, pulse & 1.5 _S ± 0.5 _S raise timeDownload
6254-5S DMSTRFI TRANSIENT GENERATOR, 250 volts, 10 microseconds decay time
2854-1TRANSIENT GENERATOR 600V 5 _S ±22 %, pulse with a 1.5 _S ± 0.5 _S raise time Download
6550-1POWER SWEEP GENERATOR, 100 watts outputDownload
6552-1AAUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER, 100 watts output Download
7054-1SPIKE GENERATOR, 600 volts, 10 microseconds decay time Download
7054-1ASPIKE GENERATOR, 400 volts, 50 microseconds decay time Download
7054-1BSPIKE GENERATOR, 400 volts, 120 microseconds decay time Download
7399-2SPIKE GENERATOR, 2500 volts, 90 microseconds decay time, meets Appendix A, B, C of MIL-STD-1399 Download
7824-1AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER (Rack version of 6552-1A)Download
8282-1TRANSIENT PULSE GENERATOR for MIL-STD-461B/C, three waveshapes Download
8850-2HIGH POWER SWEEP GENERATOR, 200 watts output Download
9354-1UNIVERSAL TRANSIENT GENERATOR, damped sinewave/double exponential Download
9355-1PULSE GENERATOR for MIL-STD-461D, Method CS115 Download


Griddled Pulse / CW Millimeter Amplifier

SeriesLine Impedance Stabilization Networks - EMI voltage from power lines to groundDownload
9233-50-TS-50-NLine Impedance Stabilization NetworkDownload
F.C.C Series InfoFCC Line Impedance Stabilization NetworksDownload
Simulation InfoLine Impedance Simulation Networks - Spacecraft DC power systemsDownload
Millimeter RF Amplifier

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