Poynting Antennas offers a range of antennas for stand-off jamming applications. Typically, these are used to prevent the enemy’s communications from functioning as intended, either by preventing communications entirely or by introducing spurious messages into the communications system. Antennas that cover public broadcast bands can also be used to establish temporary or permanent broadcast facilities to disseminate information to the general public.

Our stand-off jamming antennas cover frequencies from 500 kHz to 6 GHz. They include both directional and omni-directional antennas.

Directional antennas concentrate the transmitted power in the desired direction, providing greater range and more effective jamming due to the higher field strength at the target receiver.

Omni-directional antennas radiate in all directions, and are ideal for example to deny the use of mobile telephones within an area of operations.

All our antennas jamming antennas are rated for continuous (100% duty cycle) use at high powers. They will survive the most demanding operational conditions and have MIL-SPEC temperature, vibration, dust and water ingress ratings.

P/NoUsed ForBrochureImage
DIPL-A0037R, J,Download
DIPL-A0038R, J,Download
DIPL-A0059R, J,Download
MISC-A0051R, J,Download
MONO-A0021R, J,Download
MONO-A0022R, J,Download
MONO-A0023R, J,Download
MONO-A0024R, J,Download
MONO-A0025R, J,Download
MONO-A0030R, J,Download
MONO-A0035R, J,Download
MONO-A0046R, J,Download
MONO-A0062R, J,Download
MONO-A0063R, J,Download
MONO-A0064R, J,Download
MONO-A0066R, J,Download
MONO-A0070R, J,Download
OMNI-A0046R, J,Download
OMNI-A0075R, J,Download
OMNI-A0081R, J,Download
OMNI-A0082R, J,Download
OMNI-A0083R, J,Download
OMNI-A0086R, J,Download
OMNI-A0089R, J,Download
OMNI-A0090R, J,Download
OMNI-A0092R, J,Download
OMNI-A0105R, J,Download
OMNI-A0115R, J,Download
OMNI-A0116R, J,Download
OMNI-A0119R, J,Download
OMNI-A0124R, J,Download
OMNI-A0125R, J,Download
OMNI-A0129R, J,Download
OMNI-A0130R, J,Download
OMNI-A0132R, J,Download
OMNI-A0134R, J,Download
OMNI-A0140R, J,Download
OMNI-A0144R, J,Download
OMNI-A0148R, C, M,Download
OMNI-A0149R, J,Download
OMNI-A0152R, J,Download
OMNI-A0153R, J,Download
OMNI-A0154R, J,Download
OMNI-A0162R, J,Download
OMNI-A0163R, J,Download
OMNI-A0164R, J, MDownload
OMNI-A0167R, J,Download
OMNI-A0168R, J, M,Download
OMNI-A0172R, J, M,Download
OMNI-A0173R, J,Download
OMNI-A0178R, J, M,Download
OMNI-A0180R, J,Download
OMNI-A0183R, J, C,Download
OMNI-A0184R, J, C,Download
OMNI-A0186R, J, M,Download
OMNI-A0187R, J,Download
OMNI-A0188R, J, C,Download
OMNI-A0189R, J,Download
OMNI-A0193R, J,Download
OMNI-A0201R, J,Download
OMNI-A0221R, J,Download

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