Industrial Media Converters & Switches

Need a 5 port PoE industrial switch that makes extreme temperature environments a non-issue and offers multiple installation options? The S770550 can help you out on both counts in addition to providing 100base SFP support and flexibility in a compact package.

Also, the S770550P supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for increased compatibility with other networking equipment. You will also find enhanced emission and immunity performance for applications which need to function in excessively noisy environments. And yes, this switch also carries a lifetime warranty.

7334-1Loop Antenna, RE01, RE04, RE10
7429-1Loop Antenna, RS01Download
9130-1Loop AntennaDownload
9229-1Loop Sensor, RS101Download
9230-1Loop Antenna, RS101Download
Industrial Media Converters & Switches

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