Counter RCIED

Radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) are a substantial threat to forces engaged in asymmetric warfare operations and military targets are under continuous threat from improvised explosive devices (IEDs).  IEDs are commonly triggered remotely using a variety of radio-based triggering devices such as mobile and cordless phones, garage remote controls, model radio-control systems, amateur and citizens’ band radio and Wi-Fi systems.

Poynting Antennas have partnered with leading manufacturers of RCIED jamming equipment to provide suitable antennas in manpack and vehicle mounted configurations. Radio frequency jammers provide the best defence against radio-triggered IEDs. Because of the extremely broad range of frequencies that are used to trigger RCIEDs, an effective wideband antenna system is essential to ensure the best possible protection.  Poynting Antennas offers a range of covert and overt antenna systems designed specifically for IED suppression.

Our antennas cover the full frequency spectrum used to trigger these devices, from 20 MHz to 6 GHz, and can be installed on commercial, military and diplomatic vehicles. Poynting Antennas also offers a range of manpack antennas designed for dismounted force protection applications. Power ratings are typically 20 to 50 W in manpack applications, up to 300 W in vehicle mounted antennas.

Amplifier SeriesFrequency Range (GHz)Rated Power (Watts)Brochure
GT2618-1018.0 - 26.510Download
GT2618-2518.0 - 26.525Download
GT2618-4018.0 - 26.540Download
GT2618-5018.0 - 26.550Download
GT2618-8018.0 - 26.580Download
GT2618-10018.0 - 26.5100Download
GT2618-12518.0 - 26.5125Download
GT2618-20018.0 - 26.5200Download
GT4026-1026.5 - 40.010Download
GT4026-2526.5 - 40.025Download
GT4026-4026.5 - 40.040Download
GT4026-5026.5 - 40.050Download
GT4026-8026.5 - 40.080Download
GT4026-10026.5 - 40.0100Download
GT4026-8026.5 - 40.0125Download
GT4026-20026.5 - 40.0200Download
Counter RCIED

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