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Specialist & New Developments

4&4Eight are specialists in the design and development of a range of new and innovative antennas. The company concentrates on:

Analysis and design of slotted waveguide arrays for radar and communication systems (mono-pulse radars, flared slotted waveguide arrays, beam steering slotted waveguide arrays, etc.).

Phased arrays (WG aperture, patch, Vivaldi, etc.) and BFNs in waveguide (WG, ridge WG, coaxial line, etc.) and printed technology (microstrip, stripline, CPW, square coax., etc.).

Flat Array Antennas for Ku-Band Mobile Satellite Terminals.

Design of electronic beam steering reflectarray antennas.

Design of microwave components and devices.

Slotted Array
Flared Arrays
Horn Arrays
Phased Arrays
Patch Arrays