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RF Solid State & RF Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

IFI RF microwave solid-state amplifiers and RF solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) utilizes advancedsolid-state component technology in both the design and manufacturing.

This technology includes GaN (Gallium Nitride) amplifer technology which is avilable in our Solid-State Amplifier Modules as well as in ourtesting amplifiers and Solid State Amplifie Systems.



Compact RF Microwave Solid-State Amplifiers:

Compact versitile solid-state amplifier products include: Solid-State HPA (High Power Amplifiers)SSPA (Solid-State Power Amplifiers), Solid State Microwave Power Amplifiers, Solid State Wideband Amplifiers, Solid State Broadband and Solid-State Narrowband amplifiers as well as in our solid-state amplifier modules.

Available in indoor and outdoor enclosures, these amps are used worldwide in both commercial and military markets. Perfect for EMI (electromagnetic interference), EMC ((electromagnetic compliane), laboratory testing and field testing applications.

Frequency Range
Rated Power
ML10 KHz-100 MHz10-200Download
M10 KHz-220 MHz10-200Download
ME10 KHz-250 MHz10-200Download
SCCXL10 KHz-100 MHz10-1000Download
SCCX10 KHz-220 MHz10-1000Download
SCCXE10 KHz-250 MHz10-1000Download
SCDX10 KHz-400 MHz10-400Download
SMXL10 KHz-400 MHz10-1000Download
SMX10 KHz-1.0 GHz10-1000Download
SMXE-2G10 KHz-2.0 GHz10-200Download
SXXLL1 MHz-10 MHz10-5000Download
SXXL1.5 MHz-30 MHz10-5000Download
SXX20 MHz-100 MHz10-5000Download
SXXE30 MHz-220 MHz10-5000Download
CMC1 MHz-1.0 GHz10-500Download
CMCL20 MHz-1.0 GHz10-1000Download
SMC80 MHz-1.0 GHz10-3000Download
SMCL100 MHz-1.0 GHz10-3000Download
SVCE20 MHz-500 MHz10-4000Download
SVC100 MHz-500 MHz10-5000Download
SMCC200 MHz-1.0 GHz10-3000Download
SMIV400 MHz-1.0 GHz10-5000Download
SMV500 MHz-1.0 GHz10-500Download
S210.8 GHz-2.0 GHz5-2000Download
S2510.8 GHz-2.5 GHz5-2000Download
S2050.5 GHz-2.0 GHz5-2000Download
S25050.5 GHz-2.5 GHz5-2000Download
S310.8 GHz-3.0 GHz5-500Download
S410.8 GHz-4.2 GHz5-500Download
S611.0 GHz-6.0 GHz5-250Download
S422.0 GHz-4.0 GHz5-500Download
S622.0 GHz-6.0 GHz5-500Download
S844.0 GHz-8.0 GHz5-200Download
S1866.0 GHz-18.0 GHz5-125Download
S1888.0 GHz-18.0 GHz5-125Download
S1810.8 GHz-18.0 GHz5-50Download