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Multiplexed Fiber Optic Links (Versimux)

Versimux II fiber optic telephone multiplexers. The VERSITRON Versimux II series of products are designed to multiplex multiple analog telephone lines over fiber optic cable. The wide variety of cards and chassis allow for configurations of four phone lines, eight phone lines, or up to 152 phone lines.

Using SFP module technology, the Versimux II offers the flexibility of using one or two strands of either multimode or singlemode fiber for distances of up to 80 km with no optical adjustments required.

All multiplexer cards utilize standard RJ-11 phone jacks for plug and play, adjustment-free installation and operation. LED indicators are provide to instantly monitor the operating status of each multiplexer card and phone port.

Model CAM-1-2Channel Allocation Master Card - Multimode fibre - 2KmMinimum System Requirements
Model CAM-1-4Channel Allocation Master Card - Multimode fibre - 6KmSample System Requirements
Model CAM-1-5Channel Allocation Master Card - Singlemode fibre - 12Km
Model MP907Fiber Optic Multiplexer Port Card - RS-232/MIL-STD-188C
Model MP908Fiber Optic Multiplexer Port Card - RS-449/MIL-188-114
Model MP917Fiber Optic Multiplexer Port Card - RS-449/MIL-188-114
Model MP918V.35 Fiber Optic Multiplexer Port Card - Synchronous data at 50, 56, 64, or 76.8 kbps.
Model MP9701Fiber Optic Multiplexer Port Card - (Telephone Exchange Side)
Model MP9711Fiber Optic Multiplexer Port Card - (Telephone Subscriber Side)
Model PSAC01AC Power Supply for OMC-14 CHASSIS
Model PSAC02
Model PSAC03