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Legacy Video Products

If you need a fiber optic 8 channel video converter that delivers a sharper image with better color quantification and faster, more efficient codecs, the new VersiVision 10-bit digital 800xT units may be just what you are looking for. This broadcast quality, enhanced resolution video travels over onemultimode or singlemode optical fiber, and the units are also directlycompatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM camera systems.

Plug and Play design ensures adjustment free installation and operation, while LED indicators allow you to instantly monitor operating status. Typically used in applications with fixed cameras, a transmitter unit is placed at the camera end of the link and connected via a single fiber optic cable to a receiver unit at the monitoring end of the link. Standalone or rackmount versions are available.

Product Range
1 Channel Digital Video With Audio4 Channel Digital Video Mux
Bi-Directional Data
4 Channel Video Multiplexer1 Channel Video With Return Data
2 Channel Bi-Directional Data
2 Channel Forward Audio
1 Channel Video1 Channel Video
Return Data/AudioBi-Directional Data/Audio
2 Channel Video Multiplexer4 Channel Video Multiplexer
Bi-Directional DataBi-Directional Data/Audio
Bi-Directional Audio
4 Channel 10-Bit Video Mux8 Channel 10-Bit Video