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EMC Miscellaneous

7510-1Spark Gap, needle and sphericalDownload
7519-1Pulse Shaping Network (Use with 7512-1 for 100uS spike)Download
8121-1Adapter for Type 7021-1 Phase Shift Network, 200 amperes Download
8128-1Adapter to convert 2 Type 8028-50-TS-24-BNC LISNs to a dual unitDownload
8806-1Pulse Stretching Network (Use with 8282-1 & 7406-1 to obtain 1000 volts, 20 uS into 50 ohms Download
8801-1.6Inductor, 1.6 mH, 10 amps, VDC 0871 A1/APR 84Download
ProbesCalibration FixturesDownload
Engineers AidEngineer's ClockDownload